Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease

Rapidly select lead anti-inflammatory agents with our integrated preclinical platform

A Translational Platform of In Vivo Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease Models

Our catalogue of inflammation models recapitulates key clinical and pathological features of human disease, forming an integrated platform for preclinical drug development.

  • Model diverse autoimmune and inflammatory disease mechanisms in vivo.

  • Determine agent efficacy and response to treatment.

  • Rapidly select anti-inflammatory lead agents.

In most cases, we can initiate preclinical studies on our inflammation platform in as little as fourteen days. Promising agents can be quickly identified in vivo and advanced with confidence in their clinical efficacy.

Available Inflammation/Autoimmune Models

IBD/Colitis Arthritis Type 1 Diabetes Multiple Sclerosis Lupus
Acute Dextran Sodium Sulfate (DSS) colitis Collagen induced arthritis Spontaneous diabetes in NOD mice MOG35-55 EAE (chronic) Spontaneous MRL/MpJ-Faslpr/J mice
Chronic DSS colitis Collagen antibody induced arthritis Cyclophosphamide accelerated diabetes PLP139-151 EAE (relapsing/ remitting) Spontaneous NZB/W mice
Adoptive T cell transfer colitis Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI) arthritis      

Preclinical Inflammation and Autoimmune Platform Features

  • Comprehensive selection of acute and chronic inflammation models.

  • Diverse mechanisms of inflammatory and autoimmune disease.

  • Innate and regulatory cell-mediated models.

  • Robust determination of efficacy and response to treatment.

  • Expert model selection and study design consultation.

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