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AACR-NCI-EORTC 2023 Posters


Characterizing Antitumor Response of PARP Inhibitors and Synergy of Docetaxel and PARP Inhibitors in BRCA1/2 Mutant TNBC Breast Cancer PDX Models

Authors: Jinxi Wang, Leilei Chen, Likun Zhang, Binchen Mao, Sheng Guo, Rekha Pal, Ludovic Bourre, Jessie J.J. Wang

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A New Version of Targeted Sequencing Panel (NGS-QC-PANEL) Enables Better Authentication and Characterization of Human and Mouse Samples

Authors: Wubin Qian, Xiaobo Chen, Yanghui Sheng, Sheng Guo

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Novel LEF1 Gene Structural Variants in T Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patient-derived Xenograft Models

Authors: Yueying Wang, Wubin Qian, Mengting Qin, Xiaobo Chen, Jia Xue, and Sheng Guo

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A Comprehensive Predictive Biomarker Analysis for MEK Inhibitor, Trametinib, in Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models

Authors: Yanghui Sheng , Wubin Qian , Jessie Wang , Sheng Guo

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Large Scale Organoid Panel Drug Screening to Short-track Clinically-relevant Output

Authors: Liza Wijler, Annelot Staes, Linda van Seters, Lama Hasan, Bram Herpers, Leo Price, Mariusz Madej, Michiel Fokkelman, Xiaoxi Xu, and Marrit Putker

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Comprehensive Curation of Label-free Proteomics Data for 186 Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models in HuBase™ Cancer Model Database

Authors: Hengyuan Liu , Xiaobo Chen , Sheng Guo , Binchen Mao

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Quantification of Immuno-oncology Drug Responses in Autologous Co-cultures of Ex Vivo Patient Tumor Tissues with PBMCs

Authors: Niels Meesters, Sander Basten, Ezgi Kaya Aksoy, Mariusz Madej, Kuan Yan, Emma Spanjaard, Leo Price, and Nataliia Beztsinna

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