Regulators Butt In on E-Cigarettes

The health risks of smoking are well publicized – as well as causing around 90% of lung cancers and many other cancer types, smoking can also trigger lung, heart, and circulatory diseases. The most recent survey from the US showed that 43% of smokers had tried to quit in the past year, but without medication… Read more »

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Dying for a Suntan?

With summer here again, many people will be jetting off to sunny locations to top up their tans. Public health campaigns have had a lot of success in encouraging sunbathers to wear sunscreen, to cut down their UV exposure and protect themselves from skin cancer. However, newly published research has shown that sunscreen alone can… Read more »

shot in arm

A Shot in the Arm for Diabetes Research

Crown Bioscience attended the 74th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) last month in San Francisco. When we weren’t manning our booth or presenting our scientific results (with all our posters incorporating the latest Layar technology) we found time to review the research on display. One poster which caught our attention presented data… Read more »

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From Bench to Bedside for Cancer Signatures

Every research scientist dreams of publishing a Nature or Science paper, making a ground breaking discovery in their field and impacting on future research around the world. One of the main questions in Oncology is “what happens next”? How is high impact research turned in to improved therapeutic options?

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FDA Breathes New Life into Inhaled Insulin

The FDA has approved MannKind’s Afrezza® at the third time of asking, making it the first inhaled insulin available for people with diabetes since Exubera® in 2006. As Crown Bioscience reviewed last month, the path to FDA approval has not been an easy one, with concerns over efficacy, safety, and inhaler design. While this approval… Read more »