warming up

Warming up the Issue of Heat Loss

Obesity was classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013, and has become a serious epidemic issue in many developed and developing countries. Global obesity levels have more than doubled since 1980, with more than 600 million adults classified as obese in 2014. It is commonly believed that carrying excessive body fat… Read more »


Cancer Cell Lines: Immortal Champions in Oncology Drug Discovery

Human cancer cell lines are a powerful model system that can be propagated virtually indefinitely in culture, and manipulated to assess sensitivity to anticancer drugs or to investigate the molecular factors behind response to therapy. Oncology research using cancer cell lines has provided meaningful insights into many aspects of cancer susceptibility to treatment and into… Read more »

mouse avatar trial, PDX trial

Large-Scale Screenings Using Patient Avatars Aid Clinical Trial Design

As scientists are learning about the heterogeneity between patients that supposedly have the same tumor, they are growing increasingly interested in understanding whether a given compound can be broadly efficacious or only applicable to a subset of patients with the same disease. Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) are the model of choice to address these questions as… Read more »

conquer drug resistance

Can We Conquer Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer?

At the beginning of the last century lung cancer was a rare disease. However, as early as the end of the 1900s, it had already become the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. In 2016, the disease is expected to cause approximately 158,000 deaths in the United States alone, more than colorectal, breast, and prostate… Read more »