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Leukemia: A New Target for PARP Inhibitors?

Many agents in cancer research target specific molecules or pathways, meaning they are only effective in a certain subset of patients. Finding another use for an already developed drug can cut down on early stage research and offer new hope to other patient groups. This could be happening soon in leukemia, where preclinical research has… Read more »

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Oncology Agents Not Having a NICE Time in England

Potential new oncology agents in England need to be approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) based on their cost-effectiveness. However over the past couple of years and much to the disappointment of the general public, NICE have rejected a string of oncology agents, including recently Kadcyla® for advanced breast cancer…. Read more »

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Essential ESMO: Crizotinib Takes Center Stage

Last week saw the close of the 2014 European Society for Medical Oncology congress in Madrid, the theme of which was ‘Precision Medicine in Cancer Care’. Crown Bioscience have reviewed the best of the research to be presented, and were particularly interested to see crizotinib back in the spotlight in a potential new NSCLC indication.


Researchers Digest up Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is the third biggest cancer killer worldwide, with new therapies proving difficult to develop due to the diversity of the disease, and a classification system which has limited clinical use. However, newly published research has broken down stomach cancer into 4 bite sized portions, each with their own distinguishing features, with the hope… Read more »