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Precision Profiling using PDX Models: The Easy Way to Transform Your Drug Discovery Program

Improved preclinical models are needed in oncology drug development to reduce the high failure rate of new agents. Precision profiling translational platforms are providing these tools, using patient-derived xenograft models to reflect the diversity of the human cancer patient population. Crown Bioscience are currently expanding our diversity and PDX collection through the exciting acquisition of… Read more »

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Bladder Cancer Breakthrough for Immunotherapy

New treatments for bladder cancer have been extremely scarce over the past decades. However, the continued rise of checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapies may be providing a new breakthrough for metastatic disease. New developments in the next generation of immuno-oncology models are also up and coming thanks to an extended alliance between Crown Bioscience and the National… Read more »

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A Knockout Jab for Breast Cancer?

Immunotherapy continues to be a hot topic in oncology research this year, with breast cancer vaccines showing promise in early phase clinical studies. Recently published research has shown that a vaccine targeting mammaglobin-A (which is expressed in the majority of breast cancers) is not only well-tolerated, but also shows surprisingly good efficacy in a Phase… Read more »

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A Double Take on Diabetes Research

Identical twins share the same genetic make-up, yet due to lifestyle choices not always the same development of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2D). Researchers have investigated the molecular mechanisms that induce T2D via an identical twin study, with the aim to better understand why one twin develops the disease while the other… Read more »