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The Common Cold Virus Will Help Us Sneezing Out Cancer

Viruses are small agents that only replicate inside living cells of the organism they infect. Some of them, called oncolytic viruses preferentially infect and kill cancer cells. Their use has been exploited in cancer therapy since early clinical trial studies in the 1940s-50s. However, for several years research in the field was delayed due to… Read more »


Got Type 2 Diabetes? You May Blame Your Ancestors’ Diet

A wealth of studies supports the notions that a high-fat-diet causes obesity and that developing type 2 diabetes is one of the consequences of being overweight. However, an increasing proportion of the population from developing countries seem to be at high risk of becoming obese or diabetic despite eating a normal diet. A new study… Read more »


Have We Finally Isolated A Pancreatic Cancer Biomarker?

Unlike some other cancer forms death rates from pancreatic cancer have been continuously raising due to a persistent absence of effective treatments beyond surgery. Inability to screen has also significantly limited progress-making for this tumor type. Typically by the time it’s diagnosed, it has already spread. The prestigious scientific journal Nature reported a new molecular study of… Read more »