AACR Poster 2342: Developing GvHD Models with Human PBMCs and CD34+ Cells

Experimental Modeling of Acute- and Chronic-GvHD by Xenotransplanting Human Donor PBMCs or Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (HSC) into NSG™ Mice

Ann E. Lin, Annie X. An, Mingfa Zang, Derron Yu, Eunmi Hwang, Linda Quirino, Marybeth George*, Pirouz Daftarian*, Wenqing Yang, Henry Li
*MBL International, Woburn, MA

AACR Poster 2342: Developing GvHD Models with Human PBMCs and CD34+ CellsNew preclinical models of Graft vs Host Disease (GvHD) are required, which improve on the physiological relevance of current mouse allotransplantation models. Both acute and chronic GvHD models are needed, as the disease subtypes differ for organs involved, immune cell involvement, and disease timelines.

This poster details the development of new GvHD models designed to address current limitations by using human donors.

An acute GvHD model has been generated through transplantation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) into NSG™ mice, while chronic GvHD has been modeled via NSG engraftment with hCD34+ derived from cord blood with cGvHD high-risk HLA haplotypes.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • An acute GvHD model with elevated CD45, CD3, and CD8; and reduced naïve T cells, CD4/CD8, and central memory/effector memory T cell ratio in the peripheral blood

  • A chronic GvHD model with no significant changes in hCD45+ with the onset of GvHD, associated with elevated CD3 and CD4 populations in the peripheral blood, and increased CD4/CD8 ratio in the peripheral blood and spleen

  • How new xenograft murine models using adult human PBMC and cord blood derived CD34+ HSC could be alternative experimental systems to model human acute and chronic GvHD for investigating disease mechanisms and evaluating treatment strategies

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