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Genomics and High-Throughput Sequencing Services

Rely on our experienced genomics services to deliver high-quality, interpretable results using highly sensitive PCR/qPCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, including second- and third-generation sequencing and optical genome mapping, and advanced data analytics. Advance your genomics research with our highly flexible and customizable platform, and benefit from our long-standing experience in analyzing preclinical study samples.

Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Learn more about the advantages of our cutting-edge genomics platforms and comprehensive genomics services. 


Conventional Genomics Services


Standard Genomics Services

Explore our conventional genomics services to employ automated workflows and platforms to provide reproducible results. 


Standard NGS Services


Next Generation Sequencing Services

Leverage high-throughput sequencing using second and third generation sequencing and optical genome mapping platforms to deliver high-quality, interpretable results. 


Our Unique NGS Services


Unique NGS Services 

Benefit from our expertise in bioinformatics - check out our exclusive Cell Line Authentication with Deep Sequencing service and our Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel. 


NGS Data Analysis


NGS Data Analysis 

Maximize the value of your NGS data with our bioinformatics analysis services.