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New White Paper: Optimize Target Identification and MOA Studies

How to Use Crown Bioscience’s Integrated Oncology Portfolio for Target Identification and Mechanism of Action Elucidation

White Paper: Optimize Target Identification and MOA Studies

Correctly identifying drug targets and elucidating MOA is a critical stage in early drug development. Disease-relevant cell-based platforms are needed, which can quickly and easily transition to linked later stage ex vivo and in vivo models, for efficient go/no go preclinical program decisions.

This White Paper covers how to optimize the main stages of cell line selection, downstream target characterization and expression analyses, and translation of in vitro to in vivo studies.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The importance of cell line selection, using collated databases containing large cell line collections, or bespoke model creation
  • How to select the correct downstream molecular biology assays to assess target expression, drug target inhibition, and tumor growth inhibition
  • How an integrated in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo oncology portfolio allows go/no go decisions to be made with confidence, using a single, uniquely positioned provider

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