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White Paper: Optimizing Syngeneic Translatability through POC and Target Engagement Studies

Key Applications of Syngeneic Models to Maximize I/O Translatability

White Paper: How to Optimize the Translatability and Use of Syngeneic Models

While syngeneic tumor model use is widespread in preclinical immunotherapy drug development, there are concerns about the translatability of the models. This is due to derivation from immortalized cell lines, subsequent passage inducing genetic drift from original disease, and I/O response not reflecting the clinic when directly relating to the analogous disease setting.

The true translatability of syngeneics is found in the heterogeneous immune profiles observed across a panel of models, which reflects human immune differences. To therefore optimize syngeneic preclinical use, and maximize translability, the models should be used in studies which embrace this heterogeneity. This allows investigation of the mechanisms and drivers responsible for variability in immunotherapy response.

This White Paper explores the key applications of syngeneics, proof of concept (POC), and target engagement studies. We discuss how panels of syngeneic models are utilized in these studies to evaluate new regimens and uncover biomarkers of I/O response.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • How panels of syngeneic models are used to evaluate proof of concept of new single agent and combination therapy regimens, selecting responsive models for further study

  • How to evaluate post-treatment pharmacodynamics via high-throughput syngeneic target engagement studies, which can be correlated with potential mechanisms of response

  • How syngeneic panel studies help identify individual biomarkers for responder stratification, and common PD markers for predicting response across a population

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