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New White Paper: Precision Profiling With PDX

Understand Who will Benefit from Your Treatment Before you Enter the Clinic

Precision Profiling With PDX

Oncology drug development is inefficient and expensive, costs quickly spiral upwards while attrition rates of new agents in late-phase clinical trials are overly high.

This White Paper highlights how to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of developing new agents though enhancing preclinical studies to provide the most predictive data on downstream clinical response.

Precision profiling uses patient-derived xenografts (PDX), the most predictive preclinical models available, in human surrogate trials. These studies provide in depth data on drug responder and resistance populations, and we discuss how to use this information to guide design and stratification for clinical trials.

Download This White Paper To Understand:

  • Three key elements to increasing oncology drug development efficiency
  • Why PDX models are the most predictive preclinical xenografts
  • How PDX Phase II-like studies can be used to identify predictive biomarkers and genetic signatures of response to a given agent, delivering an important clinical stratification tool

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