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White Paper: Advanced Models and Novel I/O Technologies for Preclinical PDAC Research

How to Leverage Tumor Models for Pancreatic Cancer Research

White Paper: Advanced Models and Novel I/O Technologies for Preclinical PDAC Research

Pancreatic cancer is a challenging disease due to resistance to a range of anticancer agents and immunotherapies. To uncover new treatment options, preclinical models need to better recapitulate human disease, including the tumor microenvironment (TME) which contributes to drug resistance. Cutting-edge immuno-oncology technologies also need to be explored.

This White Paper presents orthotopic tumor homografts as a clinically-relevant pancreatic cancer preclinical model, which more accurately replicates the TME in vivo. These immunocompetent models allow advanced assessment of novel agents targeting the disease, including immunotherapies.

CAR-T cell therapy for pancreatic cancer is also discussed as a novel treatment modality. Discover how patient-derived xenografts (PDX) recapitulating human mesothelin expression levels are used to assess anti-MSLN CAR-T cell therapy efficacy.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • How orthotopic tumor homograft models maintain relevant tumor stroma with a rich TME to mimic human pancreatic cancer

  • The immune profile of orthotopic pancreatic cancer tumor homograft models, and how this may affect treatment response

  • How anti-MSLN CAR-T cells efficiently inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer in a clinically relevant PDX model

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