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On-Demand Webinar:

Preclinical Solutions for Drug Development Targeting Advanced Breast Cancer

Despite the rapid development of new oncology therapies, there is a high unmet need for advanced and aggressive forms of breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancers are still incurable and there is a major need for effective treatments of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). However, the highly heterogeneous and complex nature of breast cancer has made it challenging to model these different disease subtypes and stages in preclinical research.

In our webinar Dr. Rajendra Kumari will provide an overview of the therapeutic landscape of breast cancer and highlight optimal models and tools to implement in preclinical studies targeting advanced breast cancers.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Key advantages and limitations of current breast cancer preclinical models, focusing on ER+/Her2-, Her2+, and TNBC

  • Unique in vitro and in vivo solutions for drug development targeting advanced breast cancer. Panels of patient-derived models for more translational and clinically relevant data, as well as biomarker identification

  • Modelling metastasis with preclinical imaging, recapitulating the TME and investigating mechanisms of resistance

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About The Presenter:

Rajendra Kumari, PhD, Executive Director, Integrated Solutions

After receiving her PhD from the University of Leicester in Molecular Pharmacology, Rajendra joined the Division of Pre-clinical Oncology, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Nottingham as a postdoctoral fellow, building expertise in cancer cell biology, model development, in vitro, in vivo, imaging capabilities, and molecular pharmacology. In 2005, Rajendra took the role of Project & Business Manager of the Preclinical Oncology Services (PRECOS) contract research business unit and lecturer/assistant professor in 2008. Rajendra was pivotal in the commercialization of the unit and eventual spinout of PRECOS Ltd in 2010, acting as Chief Operations Officer, Board Director, and co-founder. Following the merger with Crown Bioscience in 2013, Rajendra led Crown Bioscience’s European site as CSO & General Manager. In 2018, Rajendra became Global Head of Scientific Communications for all platforms at Crown Bioscience. Rajendra is a member of the American Association of Cancer Research and British Association of Cancer Research and has authored over 40 abstracts and publications.

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