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On-Demand Webinar: Biomarker Discovery for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

It is well known that cancer is a heterogenic disease, and as a result of that, individual responses to immunotherapy treatments such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) differ greatly. Only a fraction of patients respond well to such treatments and unfortunately, some initial responders have shown to develop treatment resistance. In this webinar, we present case studies detailing how different assays can be used to complement biomarker discovery for ICIs.

Part 1: Deep immune profiling to reveal I/O biomarkers and understand resistance mechanisms

In part one of our webinar, Dr Bourre presents a case study detailing how to use targeted immune cell depletion and deep immune cell profiling (with flow cytometry, RNA-seq and proteomic data) to understand different immune cell lineages in syngeneic models in response to anti-PD1 treatment.

Part 2: Gaining functional insights through deep proteomic profiling of FFPE tissue

Mass spectrometry-based proteomic methodologies have recently evolved as a powerful tool in drug discovery for biomarker discovery and elucidation of mechanism of action. In this webinar, we outline how an optimized workflow was applied to interrogate the global proteomic landscape of tumor FFPE samples from syngeneic mouse models. We demonstrate how the quantitative profile of over 9,000 proteins provided a rich resource to investigate immune-depletion in anti-PD1 responses.

Watch this webinar to explore

  • Methods of ICI treatment and dissecting their mechanism of action (MoA)
  • Benefits of deep immune profiling using flow cytometry, RNA-seq and proteomic analysis
  • Advantages of a robust mass spectrometry-based proteomic platform to investigate FFPE tissue samples
  • Functional insights from global proteome profiling and beyond

Our Speakers

Ludovic Bourre, PhD
Executive Director of Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience

Ludovic leads the scientific engagement team at Crown Bioscience and has over 15 years of oncology R&D experience. Prior to joining Crown Bioscience, he worked at Invectys as head of pharmacology, leading the preclinical and clinical evaluation of immuno-oncology programs. He has also held positions in preclinical CROs and academia where he focused on oncology research programs.

Ludovic holds a PhD in Pharmacology from Nantes University and served as a postdoctoral researcher in University College London and University College Cork.

Yuehan Feng, PhD
Scientific Director of R&D Applications, Biognosys

Yuehan Feng, PhD is scientific director for R&D applications at Biognosys. His expertise is centred around proteomics technologies with a strong emphasis on mass spectrometry and chemical biology techniques as well as their applications in biomarker discovery and small molecule drug development. Yuehan obtained his BSc, MSc in interdisciplinary sciences and PhD in structural proteomics from ETH Zurich. Prior to joining Biognosys in 2018, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Stanford Genome Technology Center.

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