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Tech Talk Series: In Vivo Solutions for Oncology Drug Development

An Introduction to In Vivo Oncology and I/O Models, Strategies, & Tools

Learn the fundamentals of in vivo applications for oncology and immuno-oncology (I/O) drug development through our series of 15-minute educational webinars. Watch this tech talk series to discover which in vivo models and strategies across several areas of oncology and I/O can best support your preclinical research and drug development.

Xenografts and Homografts—All Models Are Not Equal

Presented by: Rajendra Kumari, PhD

Watch this talk to learn about:

  • Understanding limitations and strengths to help select the right models for drug development
  • Predicting clinical response and representing patient diversity
  • Challenges of modeling I/O, drug resistance, and advanced stages of cancer
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Humanized Mouse Models for I/O Drug Discovery

Presented by: Gerold Feuer, PhD

Watch this talk to learn about:

  • Comparison of MiXeno™ and HuCD34+ humanized mouse models for in vivo oncology studies
  • Evaluating I/O therapies in humanized mice
  • Engraftment of cell line-derived xenografts (CDX) and patient-derived xenografts (PDX) in humanized mouse platforms
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Predicting Clinical Response with Mouse Clinical Trials

Presented by: Sheng Guo, PhD

Watch this talk to learn about:

  • Determining the optimal number of PDX models and mice per model to reach the goals of your mouse clinical trial
  • Quantifying and evaluating your drugs’ efficacy in a mouse clinical trial
  • Leveraging biomarker discovery in your study design
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Adding Value to Drug Development Through In Vivo Model Imaging

Presented by: Yinfei Yin, PhD

Watch this talk to learn about:

  • The value of orthotopic and metastatic models in oncology research
  • Establishing clinically relevant oncology models using optical imaging
  • Advantages of high-frequency ultrasound for establishing clinically relevant oncology models
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