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Poster B74: Characterization of PBMC Humanized Models for I/O Studies

Development, Characterization, and Optimization of PBMC-Humanized Mouse Tumor Models, MiXeno™, as a Valid Platform to Evaluate In Vivo Activities of Immuno-Oncology Drug Candidates

Lan Zhang, Haochen Wu, Shanshan Qi, Lianqi Zhao, Fei Chen, Ying Jin, Juan Zhang, Meng Qiao, Xiaoyu An, Weibin Tan*, Xiaoyan Fu*, Qian Shi, and WenQing Yang
*Taicang Blood Center, Taicang, Suzhou, P.R. China

CrownBio 2017. Poster B74: Characterization of PBMC Humanized Models for I/O StudiesThe recent growth in cancer immunotherapy has provided both promising treatment options for cancer patients and numerous opportunities for translational scientists to identify and develop new classes of immunomodulatory therapeutics.

As these agents target the complex human immune system in a multitude of different ways, conventional xenograft and syngeneic tumor models may not be fully suitable for their evaluation. There is an increasing demand for preclinical models which are capable of testing human-specific immuno-oncology agents.

To meet this need, CrownBio has developed a platform of PBMC-humanized mouse tumor models, which have been characterized to address questions such as synchronization of tumor/PBMC inoculations, optimal inoculation route and cell number, PBMC donor dependence and specificity, and the impact of donor HLA type on the engraftment of immune or tumor cells.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That a total of 20 humanized tumor models have been developed to assess human origin immunotherapeutics in vivo.

  • The efficacy benchmarking of PBMC humanized models with checkpoint inhibitors and immunomodulatory agents.

  • That, for specific models, treatment with anti-PD-1 mAb causes an increase in CD45+/CD3+, CD45+/CD8+, and CD45+/CD4+ cell populations, which is consistent with in vivo efficacy.

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