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AACR Poster 1060: Prostate Cancer PDX for Predictive Preclinical Studies

Establishment of a Panel of Prostate Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models and Evaluation of Anti-Androgen Therapy

Jason Davies, Anthony Oakden, Chira Roberts, Jane Wrigley, Jason King, Anne Collins*, Wubin Qian, Likun Zhang, Bin Fan, Davy Ouyang, Jie Cai, Bryan Miller, Rajendra Kumari, Yinfei Yin
*University of York, York, UK

AACR Poster 1060: Prostate Cancer PDX for Predictive Preclinical StudiesImproved prostate cancer preclinical models, that adequately represent the spectrum of benign, latent, aggressive, and metastatic human disease, are needed to help develop new prostate cancer therapies.

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models have been reported to be more clinically relevant than conventional, cell line derived xenografts, but the generation of prostate cancer PDX has so far been challenging.

This poster details the establishment and validation of a panel of prostate cancer PDX, including hormone responsive and castrate resistant prostate cancer, and details model response to standard of care agents.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • A well characterized panel of prostate cancer PDX, providing unique and clinically relevant models for preclinical drug evaluation

  • That the PDX models retain the structure of parental patient tumors, and CRPC models retain expression levels of androgen receptors and PSA

  • Varied response and resistance to docetaxel, enzalutamide, abiraterone, and bicalutamide across the panel of prostate cancer PDX models

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