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AACR Poster 5111: New Web Platform for Preclinical Data Analysis

HuPharm: An interactive data analysis platform for preclinical studies

Binchen Mao, Jun Li, Xin Tang, Selena Li, Sheng Guo, Henry Q. Li

AACR Poster 5111: New Web Platform for Preclinical Data AnalysisAs preclinical data is used to decide which novel agents advance to clinical trials, it’s important that studies and subsequent results maintain scientific integrity. This means that preclinical studies need to be carefully and properly planned, executed, and analyzed.

To facilitate in vivo pharmacology data analysis and interpretation, we’ve developed HuPharm, a web platform that automates statistical pipelines and report generation. The platform’s intuitive and interactive interface greatly helps preclinical researchers with data validation, exploratory data analysis, and statistical analysis.

This poster details the HuPharm preclinical data analysis workflow, and exemplifies resulting output graphs, tables, and analysis results.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • An interactive web application developed to help preclinical researchers conduct robust statistical analysis, and to perform exploratory data analysis

  • The packages used to build this platform and generate highly informative study reports

  • How the HuPharm application generates standardized statistical analysis reports to ensure consistency and to boost productivity

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