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AACR Poster 4610: Predictive Biomarker Discovery in CRC using PDX Models

Prognostic Impact of KRAS Driver Mutations and GSTT1 Expression in Colorectal Cancer to FOLFOX Treatment

Jessie J. Wang, Binchen Mao, Sheng Guo, Davy X. Ouyang, Henry Q. Li

AACR Poster 4610: Predictive Biomarker Discovery in CRC using PDX ModelsPredictive biomarkers are crucial for selecting the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Large panels of clinically-relevant patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models are used preclinically to discover or validate predictive biomarkers, generating hypotheses for clinical testing.

Colorectal cancer PDX have been used to identify potential biomarkers with a predictive value for FOLFOX treatment. FOLFOX is a common first-line chemotherapy for adjuvant and/or neoadjuvant colorectal cancer treatment, but mutations of oncogenes such as KRAS may limit patient response.

This poster correlates colorectal cancer PDX response to FOLFOX treatment with model genomic background, to identify genes with significant correlation to response or resistance.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • A panel of colorectal cancer PDX models, derived from patients who are in Stage II or later, for predictive biomarker discovery

  • How biomarker analysis identified that low GSTT1 expression and KRAS mutation are related to FOLFOX resistance in CRC PDX models

  • That these data are consistent with clinical results, where FOLFOX sensitivity is correlated with wild type KRAS and high expression of GSTT1

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