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Poster 5677: PBMC-Humanized Models for Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy

Establishment and Application of a Panel of PBMC-Humanized Mouse Tumor Models in Immuno-Oncology and Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy

Lan Zhang, Ying Jin, Haochen Wu, Fei Chen, Lianqi Zhao, Xiaoyu An, Weibin Tan*, Xiaoyan Fu*, Meng Qiao, Qian Shi, and WenQing Yang

*Taicang Blood Center, Taicang, Suzhou, P.R. China

CrownBio 2018. Poster 5677: PBMC-Humanized Models for Targeted Cancer ImmunotherapyMonoclonal antibodies and checkpoint inhibitors have achieved remarkable clinical success in cancer immunotherapy. Two bispecific antibodies, catumaxomab and blinatumomab, have also been approved to treat cancer patients, and many more are currently in preclinical or clinical development.

This has led to an increased need for fast, reliable, and cost effective mouse tumor models with functional immune systems for immuno-oncology drug discovery, including for targeted cancer immunotherapy assessment.

CrownBio has developed a panel of PBMC-humanized mouse tumor models, which have a broad spectrum of applications in immuno-oncology including the in vivo evaluation of targeted immunotherapeutics such as bispecific T cell engagers. This poster details the development, characterization, and optimization for a range of models from this platform, which overexpress a variety of tumor antigens (e.g. EGFR, CD47, Braf, PD-L1, etc).

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That PBMC-humanized MiXeno™ models, developed with specific tumor antigen targeting strategies, are a valid model system to evaluate human immunomodulatory drugs including bispecific antibodies
  • That over 20 PBMC-humanized tumor models have been developed, with optimal inoculation protocols for administration of both immune and cancer cells established for each model
  • That model validation with benchmark immune checkpoint inhibitors or immunomodulatory agents seems to show that antitumor efficacy is donor dependent

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