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On Demand Webinar

Clinically Relevant Cell-Based Solutions for Target Identification

Target Identification Webinar

Target identification studies play a critical role in the early stages of cancer drug discovery and development. The objective of these studies is to understand disease mechanisms, so targets for drug intervention can be identified and used to discover lead compounds.

Access to the following cell-based solutions are needed to accelerate contemporary target identification studies:

  • Clinically relevant cell lines that express appropriate disease biology, genetics (e.g. mutations, fusions), biomarkers, or a varying panel of these factors

  • Reliable assays incorporating a variety of analytical techniques to verify that a target is expressed or inhibited

  • In vitro linked models and assays to progress preclinical development via a swift and seamless transition to ex vivo or in vivo studies

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Gain access to one of the largest banks of well-characterized, clinically relevant cell lines

  • Use large-scale cell screening across a variety of cancer types or subtypes to identify targets

  • Apply robust proteomic and genomic assays to evaluate targets and lead compounds

  • Make a seamless transition using matched in vitro and in vivo models to progress to the next stage of development

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