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Symposium: Organoids and Beyond - Next Generation In Vitro Platforms for Preclinical Drug Discovery

Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022 | Talks: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm CET

Location: Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden, Netherlands

With the expansion of Oncology and Immuno-Oncology drug development, effective preclinical platforms are required for testing efficacy and safety of new targets. Matching a promising target to the best patient population requires an arsenal of tools, in depth expertise, and models that reflect the patient clinical situation as early as the in vitro stage of preclinical drug development.

In vitro technologies, especially within the Organoid space are revolutionizing Oncology Drug Discovery and Development. While there have been great advances there are still hurdles to overcome. Discover what is next for this innovative and disruptive technology and understand the key differences between 3D in vitro systems, such as cell lines and patient-derived models including organoids.

This symposium will bring together R&D and preclinical teams from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to facilitate cross-discipline discussions on current techniques and the application of future approaches. Learn how to select the right 3D in vitro platform for your drug development program based on model features, benefits, and limitations.

Key Discussion Areas:

  • How in vitro and Organoid platforms provide better insights for oncology and immunotherapy studies
  • Which innovative in vitro platforms offer superior outcomes to alternative approaches
  • What’s on the horizon for Organoid and in vitro technology
  • 3D workflow optimization, new ideas, trends, and innovation.

Join us for a full agenda of talks from the leading researchers in this rapidly developing area, followed by an opportunity to network with your peers at a complimentary drink’s reception

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Attendance for the symposium is free but space is limited.  We encourage early registration.
Lunch will be served. 


Anita Seshire

Senior Innovation Manager, Strategic Innovation and Head of Laboratory in Oncology,
Merck Healthcare

Talk Title: Multicellular 3D models to tackle translational questions in cancer research

Paul Vulto

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Mimetas

Talk Title: Grow, Learn, Discover: how phenotypic modelling is changing the way we discover new medicines

Willemijn Vader

CEO, VitroScan B.V.

Talk Title: An ex vivo tumor testing platform to (r)evolutionize patient stratification

Andrea Bisso

Associate Director Pharmacology & Pre-Clinical development, Gadeta B.V.

Talk Title: Exploiting gamma delta TCR targeting to enable safe and effective cell therapies for solid tumors

Bram Herpers

Executive Director, General Manager, Crown Bioscience Netherlands

Talk Title: Identifying Clinical Candidates with Cancer Organoids

Gustave Ronteix

Gustave Roussy Institute

Talk Title: A multiscale droplet microfluidics platform for identifying immune-tumour interactions.

Delilah Hendriks

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Clevers lab, Hubrecht Institute

Talk Title: Human liver organoids as a platform for liver disease modelling

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