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Model Information:

This model was developed from a tumor in the thyroid of a C57BL/6 mouse carrying the Igh-Myc mutation.The primary tumor developed at ~15 weeks of age. Expression of the mouse Myc transgene is restricted to the B cell lineage. Hemizygotes show increased pre-B cells in the bone marrow throughout life and a transient increase in large pre-B cells in the blood at 3-4 weeks of age. Spontaneous pre-B and B cell lymphomas reach an incidence of 50% at 15-20 weeks in hemizygous progeny of a wildtype female mated with a hemizygous male.
Cancer Type Lymphoma
Mutations IgH-Myc TG (Eµ Myc)
Biopsy Site Forelimb lymph node
Pathology QC DLBCL (P4)
Mouse Strain C57BL/6

Growth Characteristics

Additional Characteristics

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