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Model Information:

Cancer Type Breast Cancer
Ethnicity Western
Pathology Diagnosis Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma
Biopsy Site Ascites
Treatment History Radiation 1985; Radiation Hip 2007. Cyclophosphamide; Methotrexate; 5-fluorouracil 1985; Tamoxifen; Anastrozole 1987 To 6/2008 ; Paclitaxel 6/2008 To; Zolendronic Acid 7/2008; Fulvestrant 9/2008; Note Patient Started To Try Alternative Treatments Specific Type Not Disclosed.
Pathology QC Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma (P8).
Special Features IHC (P8): HER2(1+), ER(-), PR(-)
Viral Status in PDX HPV16-, HPV18-, HIV-, HCV-, HBV-, EBV-
Available In CB_CN
RNA Seq Yes
Exome Seq Yes
Sq # 9464
Source Utah

Growth Characteristics

Additional Characteristics

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