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AACR 2022 Poster 4240

In Vivo Assessment of AICD and Cytokine Release upon Treatment of OKT3 and CD3 Bispecific Antibody in Homozygous CD3EDG HuGEMM™

Daniel X. He, Jie Lin, Wenwei Wang, Cuicui Duo, Lei Zheng, Annie X. An, Henry Q.X. Li
Crown Bioscience Inc., 16550 West Bernardo Drive, Building 5, Suite 525, San Diego, CA 92127

CD3 bispecific antibodies have transformed the therapeutic landscape of immunotherapy for some hematological malignancies, however, the clinical therapeutic effects of CD3 bispecific therapies is still under investigation for solid tumors.

Moreover, CD3 bispecific antibody-mediated tumor targeting as well as T cell engagement have resulted in cytokine release syndrome (CRS), increased on-target/off-tumor toxicities and poor T cell infiltration, which may affect safety and limit therapeutic efficacy. To better understand the relationship between T cell activation and systemic cytokine release in the context of CD3 bispecific antibody treatment, a homozygous human CD3EDG HuGEMM preclinical model was developed.

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  • CD3EDG HuGEMM and HuCell models that provide a predictive platform for in vivo efficacy and safety assessment of CD3 bispecific or trispecific antibodies.

  • The uncoupling of systemic cytokine release and T cell cytotoxicity via CD3 bispecific or trispecific antibodies provides a biological rationale to clinically explore preventative treatment approaches to avoid or reduce CRS-related toxicity

  • Combination approaches to increase selectivity and efficacy.

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