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AACR 2022 Poster 3541

A Method to Visualize and Quantify Effects of Immunotherapies in a Physiologically Relevant 3D TME Model

Gera Goverse, Lidia Daszkiewicz, Nataliia Beztsinna, Saskia de Man, Tomas Veenendaal, Michelle Klop, Marten Hornsveld, Daniel Okkes, Ashgard Weterings, Kuan Yan, Leo Price
Crown Bioscience Netherlands B.V., Leiden, The Netherlands

In vitro assays based on 3D co-cultures of cancer and immune cells present an opportunity to test diverse immunotherapies and understand their mechanisms of action in boosting anti-tumor immune responses in cancer patients. Incorporation of diverse cellular players, including cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs) and suppressive myeloid cell populations, allows for faithful recapitulation of complex cellular interactions that occur in the tumor micro-environment (TME).

The application of automation results in a high-throughput platform which combines physiological relevance with assay robustness and reproducibility. Functional readouts, such as migration of immune cells towards tumoroids, infiltration into the tumoroids and their killing are obtained by applying high content imaging and subsequent image analysis, allowing for better understanding of the immune-modulatory profile of immuno-oncology (I/O) drugs.

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  • An image-based platform for the analysis of immunotherapy effects on cells that engage in a physiologically relevant spatial setting and in the presence of suppressive TME elements.

  • Visualization and quantification of these complex cellular interactions within the TME that empowers immunotherapy drug developers with a highly powerful tool to select the most promising candidates

  • Better understand their mechanism of action, which aims to have a clinical impact.

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