Poster B21: Evaluate and Quantify Two-Drug Combination Effects In Vitro

Determining Combination Effects in Cell-Based Assays

Binchen Mao, Sheng Guo, Frank Xing, Zhengzheng Bao, and Henry QX Li

CrownBio 2017. Poster B21: Evaluate and Quantify Two-Drug Combination Effects In Vitro Combination therapy provides the opportunity for increased efficacy and reduced toxicity and drug-resistance within clinical oncology treatment. It has become the standard treatment approach for many diseases and holds great promise for cancer indications of unmet medical need.

Therefore, being able to study combination regimens preclinically, and provide evidence of significant superiority over single agents alone, is of particular importance. To this end, CrownBio has developed a new bioinformatics tool, CrownSyn, to enable researchers to evaluate and quantify two-drug combination effects (synergistic, antagonistic, and additive) for in vitro cell assays.

CrownSyn analyzes data from two common drug combination designs, enabling rapid data input from existing combination studies or when designing future studies.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That CrownSyn handles the two most widely used designs to evaluate two-drug combination effects: fixed ratio, and full factorial designs.
  • How CrownSyn has the flexibility to automatically choose an appropriate method to calculate synergy per two single-drug dose-response curves, overcoming the limitation of using only dose based models.
  • That CrownSyn outputs a series of informative graphs to help the user in interpreting drug combination effects.

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