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New White Paper: Choosing and Implementing the Most Appropriate IBD Model

Optimizing Translational IBD Capabilities: How to Select the Right Preclinical Model

New White Paper: Choosing and Implementing the Most Appropriate IBD Model

There is a vast array of preclinical inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) models, each with their own strengths and limitations. As no one model is ideal for all research uses, it’s important to fully understand the available models, their pros and cons, and which is the most appropriate to use based on a new agent’s target and mechanism of action.

This White Paper presents the five major IBD model categories, with detailed information on specific model types, model development, as well as representative treatment studies.

How to choose the optimal model based on target-dependent mechanisms is also discussed, as well the need to improve IBD model translational relevance to enhance clinical trial outcomes.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The main features of key chemically induced, spontaneous mutation, adoptive T cell transfer, genetically engineered, and microbiome induced IBD models, including how to successfully use the models to assess new agents

  • How to choose the optimal IBD models for your preclinical studies, based on links between biological mechanisms and your drug target, as well as disease pathogenesis and clinical relevance of the model

  • Why researchers need to perform thorough due diligence before selecting preclinical models to avoid clinical trial failure

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