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White Paper: Novel Stress-Free Technologies to Optimize NHP Study Data

Optimizing Preclinical Diabetes Studies Using Stress-Free Methods in NHPs

White Paper: Novel Technologies to Optimize NHP Study Data

NHPs are the most clinically relevant preclinical model for T2D research. There are challenges, however, when using NHPs for diabetes studies, including limitations in blood glucose monitoring and glucose tolerances tests. These procedures (based on limited time points) can miss important trends and fluctuations, as well as inducing stress which can transiently raise blood glucose, thereby lowering data accuracy.

This White Paper explores two new stress-free technologies for preclinical NHP studies to improve animal welfare and study data - continuous glucose monitoring and the banana tolerance test. These validated and sophisticated methods minimize animal stress while also optimizing data collection, resulting in improved preclinical study data.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The challenges which need to be overcome with traditional invasive diabetes monitoring in NHP studies

  • That continuous glucose monitoring provides a validated, stress-free method to track blood glucose levels, offering more detailed datasets over discrete glucometer measurements

  • How the banana tolerance test provides a stress-free alternative for measuring glucose tolerance in diabetic NHPs

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