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New White Paper: Translational Platforms to Model Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Diabetic Complications

A Preclinical Research Continuum Recapitulating Human DiseaseCrownBio Whitepaper 300x250-03 (1).jpg

Modeling human diabetes in animal models is challenging – currently available models only mimic specific and limited aspects of diabetes, providing inadequate translatability to the human condition, and lacking key human disease features such as pre-diabetes and polygenic disease.

There is a need for translational platforms that show similar disease progression to humans, modeling multiple aspects of human disease, and allowing efficacy testing of pharmaceutical interventions across all diabetic stages in a highly translatable manner.

This White Paper introduces a unique platform of highly translational models recapitulating multiple aspects of disease progression as seen in humans, for preclinical efficacy studies.

Download This White Paper To Learn About:

  • Highly translational rodent models – ZDSD rat and MS-NASH (formerly called FATZO) mouse, developing human-like progressive diabetes with an intact leptin pathway
  • NHPs that naturally develop type 2 diabetes and closely mimic human disease progression, including developing comorbidities
  • How these unique models enable strategic go/no-go decisions throughout the preclinical research continuum - from early stage small animal model studies to later stage studies with NHPs, prior to clinical trials

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