Assessing Immunotherapy Toxicity in NHPs

imagePresenter: Dr Thomas Scullion

Wednesday November 20th, 10am/10pm EST

New immunotherapies are generating unprecedented clinical response. However, immune activation by I/O agents can also cause notable and potentially fatal clinical toxicity, such as cytokine storms, which is not observed in preclinical studies. Immuno-safety has therefore become a major clinical concern, which needs to be sufficiently addressed in early preclinical drug development.

In order to fully evaluate immunotherapies and de-risk clinical trials, appropriate preclinical models for immuno-safety testing are needed, which have a close species homology to humans and an intact immune system. In this webinar, Dr Thomas Scullion introduces NHPs as a valuable early-stage preclinical platform for exploratory toxicology studies. This webinar reviews how NHPs are used to evaluate immunotherapies and their potential toxicity prior to clinical trials.

Attend this Webinar to:

  • Understand the NHP model features that provide an ideal preclinical model for elucidating immune-related toxicity
  • Explore how to de-risk clinical trials by evaluating immuno-safety early in your drug discovery pipeline
  • Learn how to incorporate exploratory toxicology NHP studies in your preclinical drug development program
  • Review case studies of novel immunotherapies screened in NHPs
  • Explore how to save time and resources with non-GLP toxicology

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers concerned about cytokine release syndrome and how to identify it in early-stage preclinical development
  • Scientists developing immunotherapies who want to learn more about maximizing preclinical immuno-safety data
  • Decision makers who want to learn how to exploit the advantages of early immuno-safety screens in NHPs in order to de-risk clinical trials

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About The Presenter:

Thomas Scullion, PhD, Senior Director of Business Development at CrownBioThomas Scullion, PhD - Senior Director of Business Development at CrownBio has extensive experience guiding clients’ early drug discovery work through to clinical trials. At CrownBio, he specializes in pharmacology, toxicology, and bioanalytics using translational animal models. Thomas holds a PhD in Neuropharmacology, and previously worked at Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services Limited and Charles River Laboratories.

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