SYMPOSIUM: Translational Oncology Drug Discovery - From Target to Patient

22nd February 2017 - Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK

Crown Bioscience invites you to attend a symposium focusing on the latest advances in Translational Oncology Drug Discovery.  The symposium will dive into the most relevant topics that are pertinent to this rapidly moving environment.Cambridge UK 300x250.jpg

Join your peers in a forum to discuss the key translational tools and models that can be applied to expedite novel cancer agents efficiently from bench to bedside. 

This symposium is most suited to Oncology R&D and Preclinical teams from industry, academia and biomedical research.

Discussion Topics Include: 

  • Optimising the application of humanised mice in Immuno-Oncology 
  • Solid tumour targeting utilising IgE class antibodies 
  • Mechanisms for activating effector cells
  • Immune checkpoint targeting

Presentations & Speakers

Dr. Hazel Jones
Dr. Hazel Jones

Oncology Chief of Staff
Improving the Predictive Value of Preclinical Models in Oncology Drug Discovery

Dr. Brian Soper
Dr. Brian Soper

Senior Technical Information Scientist
The Jackson Laboratory
Utilising Humanised NSG Mice to Better Evaluate Therapies in Immuno-Oncology

Dr. Lior Carmon
Dr. Lior Carmon

Founder and former CEO
Signal Peptide Domains as Novel Antigens in Immuno-Oncology

Dr. Sophia Karagiannis
Dr. Sophia Karagiannis

Leader in Translational Cancer Immunology
King's College London
IgE Class Antibodies Targeting Solid Tumours and Mechanisms for Activating Effector Cells Against Cancer

Dr. Rob Kramer
Dr. Rob Kramer

former VP at BMS & J&J
Cancer Drug Discovery in the Immune Oncology Era, New Rules Apply

Dr. Mariam Jamal-Hanjani
Dr. Mariam Jamal-Hanjani

NIHR Clinical Lecturer
University College London
Understanding Tumour Evolution - the TRACERx and PEACE Studies

Dr. Rajendra Kumari
Dr. Rajendra Kumari

Crown Bioscience UK
Embracing Heterogeneity and Microenvironment

Dr. James Legg
Dr. James Legg

Senior Director
Crescendo Biologics Limited
Targeting Immune Checkpoints with Humabody® VH Products

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