Tumor Models Shanghai

Improving IO and Oncology Outcomes from Preclinical to Translation

September 25 - 27, 2018

Keynote Presentation

Developing a Mouse Tumor Homograft Model Platform (MuPrimeTM) for Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery

Wednesday September 26th, 10:10-10:40am
Dr Davy Ouyang, Senior Director, Translational Oncology

Learn more about murine tumor homograft models, which are derived from GEMM spontaneous tumors, and recapitulate human tumors both morphologically and with clinically relevant oncogenic drivers. Discover the diverse spectrum of tumor microenvironments MuPrime models offer for testing a variety of immunotherapeutic agents.

Poster Presentation

Establishment of Kras (G12D)/Trp53 null/Pdx1-cre (KPC) Mouse Homograft Tumor Models to Facilitate Efficacy Evaluation of Combinatory Immunotherapies

Discover a KPC murine tumor homograft model with morphological similarity to human PDAC, as well as a poor response to chemotherapy and targeted agents. Learn how this model provides an ideal platform for in vivo pharmacological research into PDAC, including combination and I/O therapies.


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