Enhancing the Translational Confidence of Models Based Research

December 4 - 6, 2018


Tumour Microenvironment, Heterogeneity, and Clinically Relevant Models

Wednesday December 5th, 08:30-08:55am
Dr Rajendra Kumari, Global Head of Scientific Communications

Clinically relevant preclinical models are needed to better understand cancer progression and to correctly identify patient responder subgroups. Learn more about the development of 3D systems and PDX modelling to meet this need, and to enhance the translational success of oncology drug development. Find out how to adopt the right model for the right study across oncology therapeutics.

Poster Presentations

During evening reception, Wednesday December 5th

Evaluation of anti-androgen therapy in a panel of prostate patient-derived xenograft models

Discover a new panel of unique and clinically relevant hormone responsive and castrate resistant prostate cancer PDX for preclinical drug development. Review model characterisation, and treatment data with standard of care docetaxel and targeted agents abiraterone and enzalutamide.


Recapitulating the orthotopic tumour microenvironment using bioluminescent syngeneic models in immune competent mice for checkpoint inhibitor interrogation

Explore bioluminescent, orthotopic syngeneic models for more clinically relevant evaluation of immunotherapies and combination regimens compared with subcutaneous models. Learn more on how bioluminescent imaging allows assessment of disease progression and modelling of the metastatic environment.


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