Platform Overview

Comprehensive solutions delivering high-quality genomics results and advanced data analysis

Besides the conventional PCR/qPCR- and Sanger sequencing-based genomics assays, we have introduced industry-leading second and third generation high-throughput sequencing platforms and an optical genome mapping platform to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for genomics analysis. 

We utilize our expertise in bioinformatics, to provide customers with informative and reliable data analyses and reporting, and have also launched our own exclusive services, such as the first commercial Cell Line Authentication with Deep Sequencing service, and the Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel, a murine immuno-oncology focused RNA-Seq panel to understand the tumor immunity profile effectively and efficiently.

Integrate our genomics services with your in vivo or in vitro studies with us, or use it as standalone service

  • Explore and validate drug mechanism of action with advanced genomic analysis
  • Identify genetics features associated with drug response through genomics profiling
  • Understand drug resistance by interrogating the immunogenomics of tumor-immune interactions
  • Take advantage of our proprietary tools and model data including our database of NGS-characterized model

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