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Due to Overwhelming Demand, the Crown Bioscience Innovative Approaches to Advance Cancer Therapy and Immunotherapy Symposium at the Hilton Torrey Pines is Now at Full Capacity

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Hilton Torrey PinesRegistrants will typically notify us to prior to the event if they are no longer able to attend. We want you to join us and will notify you as soon as possible when a seat becomes available.

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The symposium will bring together oncology and immuno-oncology R&D and preclinical teams from industry, academia, and medical research to facilitate cross discipline discussions on current techniques, and how you can move forward with future approaches.

Discussion Topics Include

  • The development of precision cancer medicine approaches to complement targeted agents
  • How the microbiome can be modulated to enhance response to cancer therapeutics
  • The evolution of current preclinical models such as PDX for evaluation of next generation therapies

Presentation & Speakers

Julia Coronella

Director of Research,
Tanabe Research Laboratories

Discovery and Validation of a c-Met Antibody Drug Conjugate

Stephanie Culler

Co-Founder and CEO,
Persephone Biome

Leveraging the Gut Microbiome for the Treatment of Cancer

Andrea Califano

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, DarwinHealthTM
Elucidating and Targeting Master Regulators of Human Malignancies in PDX Models

Stephen Schoenberger

Professor, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
Functional Identification and Therapeutic Targeting of Tumor Neoantigens

Jesse Salk

Co-Founder and CSO, TwinStrandTM Biosciences
One-in-Ten-Million: Using Duplex Sequencing to Measure Ultra-Rare Mutations to Guide Therapy at the Earliest Stages of Cancer

Henry Li

Senior Vice President, Global Scientific Research and Innovations, Crown Bioscience
PDX as a Discovery and Translational Platform for Targeted and I/O Strategies

Pirouz Daftarian

Senior Manager, Immuno-Oncology And Vaccines' Applications, JSR Micro Life Sciences
MHC Guided Methods For Immune Monitoring and Functional Screening of Immune Checkpoint Therapeutics

Gary Li

Senior Vice President, Translational Medicine, QED Therapeutics
Targeting TAM Receptors for Cancer Immunotherapy

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