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How to Maximize Your Non-GLP Toxicology Studies: A Guide for Optimal Design and Methodology

Presented by Dr. Keefe Chng, Chief Scientific Officer and Site Head, Crown Bioscience Louisiana (CBLA, Inc.) and Dr. Judith Gorski, Global Director of Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Learn how to design the most optimal Non-GLP Toxicology rodent and NHP studies, to generate robust, high quality data for maximum confidence in selecting new drug candidates and regulatory submissions.

Translational Platforms to Model Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Complications

Presented by Dr. Judith Gorski, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Discover CrownBio's unique continuum of translational platforms modeling diabetes and metabolic syndrome pathophysiology, progression, and complications, and learn how these platforms are predicting the efficacy and safety of anti-diabetic therapies in humans.

Vascular and Neural Complications in Rodent Models of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Presented by Dr. Mark Yorek, Professor of Medicine at University of Iowa and Associate Chief of Staff for Research at Iowa City VA.
Learn more on the challenges in modeling diabetic neuropathy and how the use of improved translational rodent models can impact diabetes and obesity preclinical studies.


Are You Choosing the Right Model? A Guide to Selecting Your Next Immuno-Oncology Model

Presented by Michelle Mack, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Discover the wide range of in vivo immuno-oncology preclinical models available, and what to consider when choosing the correct mouse analogue or human specific model for your single agent and combination studies.

Beyond Syngeneics – Novel Tools for Addressing Human Specificity in Immuno-Oncology

Presented by Michelle Mack, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Discover humanized drug target models, to progress evaluation of human specific checkpoint inhibitors. Learn about the range of models available (e.g. PD-1, CTLA-4, OX40, CD137, and TIM-3) and how to optimize efficacy studies of novel immunotherapeutics using these models.

Clinically Relevant Cell-Based Solutions for Target Identification

Presented by Michelle Mack, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Learn how an integrated range of cell-based solutions can be used to accelerate target identification studies, and how paired in vitro and in vivo models can then seamlessly progress drug development programs to the next stage of development.

Immuno-Oncology: 3 Strategies for Applying Humanized Models

Presented by Dr Jayant Thatte, General Manager, Crown Bioscience San Diego
Explore different types of humanized mouse model (hPBMC vs hCD34+) and their varying applications in immunotherapy assessment, through model development, appropriate model choice based on model features and limitations, and case studies demonstrating successful preclinical use.

In Vitro and Ex Vivo Assays to Accelerate Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery

Presented by Dr Toni Jun, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc
Learn how to address the current challenges in immuno-oncology drug discovery through the use of an integrated in vitro and ex vivo I/O assay platform, enabling faster, easier, and more efficient immunotherapy development

Interrogating Syngeneic Models in Large Scale, How to Use Immunoprofiling Data to Improve your Studies

Presented by Dr Henry Li, Senior Vice President of Global Scientific Research and Innovations
Learn how using a large-scale, syngeneic screening platform can improve efficiency and reproducibility in checkpoint inhibitor assessment, and how downstream immunophenotyping data can address a range of current scientific questions and aid in study design.

Mouse Clinical Trials: The Power Behind Study Design

Presented by: Dr. Sheng Guo, Senior Director of Bioinformatics, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Learn how to successfully design Mouse Clinical Trials to confidently address the crucial questions in your drug development program, from optimal number of mice and PDX models to use, to leveraging biomarker discovery through optimizing study design.

The Ultimate Guide to Mouse Clinical Trials

Presented by Dr. John MacDougall, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Learn why Mouse Clinical Trials (MCT) using patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models are a key preclinical tool for predicting drug effectiveness, targeting responder populations, and identifying biomarkers before you enter the clinic. Discover the various types of MCT, and identify which method will be best to progress your drug development program.