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Developing Targeted Humanized Models for Preclinical Efficacy Assessment, Tumor Models San Francisco 2018


Dr Toni Jun presents on CrownBio's range of humanized GEMM, which express chimeric checkpoint targets (e.g. PD-1, CTLA-4, OX40) within a fully competent murine immune system, and how they progress evaluation of human-specific immunotherapies in vivo.

Humanized Mouse Models for Drug Discovery in the Immuno-Oncology Era, BioCom Seminar 2018


Dr Toni Jun presents an overview of CrownBio's humanized model platforms including hPBMC and hCD34+ tumor bearing humanized mice, as well as drug target humanized models, developed to progress the preclinical drug development of a wide range of human-specific immunotherapeutics.

Transcriptomic Analysis of Patient-Derived Xenografts Reveals Heterogeneity in Human and Mouse Stroma/Immune Compartments, EORTC 2017


Dr Henry Li presents work detailing the analysis of the tumor microenvironment of patient-derived xenografts, including whole transcriptome sequencing of almost 1,500 PDX models, confirming that PDX models provide a surrogate for studying the human TME including including tumor-stroma interactions.