Publication: ZDSD Rat Characterization

A Translational Model for the Study of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 DiabetesPublication ZDSD Rat

Metabolic syndrome and T2D produce significant health and economic issues. However, the development of new therapeutics to treat these disorders or to control their risk factors is hampered by a lack of translational animal models.

The ZDSD rat was developed to provide a model that expresses polygenic obesity and diabetes with an intact leptin pathway. This model has now been characterized over a 6-month period, including monitoring routine clinical metabolic endpoints.

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  • The breeding strategy behind ZDSD rat development
  • That the ZDSD rat displays a prediabetic metabolic syndrome phase, followed by overt diabetes, in a manner that mirrors human disease development
  • How the ZDSD rat provides a novel translational animal model for the study of human metabolic diseases and for the development of new therapies

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