Tumor Tissue Microarrays

Rapidly assay for molecular targets, diagnostic, and prognostic markers


Screen Hundreds of Tumor Tissue Microarray (TMA Tumor) Samples at a Time for Biomarkers of Interest

CrownBio offers multiple premade formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue microarrays (TMAs) from our HuPrime® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models, as well as TMAs from our Cell Line Derived Xenograft, syngeneic, and murine tumor allograft (MuPrime™) models.

Each PDX TMA contains a range of models covering a specific tumor origin; colorectal, esophageal, gastric, head and neck, liver, lung, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, and sarcoma collections are available. The mixed cancer type Cell Line Derived Xenograft model TMAs cover a range of tumor types, while the Murine Syngeneic and MuPrime TMAs contain our syngeneic and murine allograft models, respectively. All of the TMAs contain two to three cores for each model.

Pricing and Availability

  • $700 per TMA slide
  • $1,500 for three TMA slides from the same set ($300 per each additional slide from the same set)
  • TMAs are currently in stock and read to ship


Catalog # Product Name Model Type Models Cores
TMA-HP-BR-220 Breast cancer PDX TMA220 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-CR-010 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA010 PDX 27 81
TMA-HP-CR-012 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA012 PDX 31 93
TMA-HP-CR-019 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA019 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-CR-025 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA025 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-CR-026 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA026 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-CR-201 Colorectal cancer PDX TMA201 PDX 72 144
TMA-HP-ES-014 Esophageal cancer PDX TMA014 PDX 30 90
TMA-HP-GA-020 Gastric cancer PDX TMA020 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-GA-021 Gastric cancer PDX TMA021 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-GA-218 Gastric cancer PDX TMA218 PDX 21 63
Head and Neck
TMA-HP-HN-024 Head and neck cancer PDX TMA024 PDX 28 84
TMA-HP-HN-202 Head and Neck cancer PDX TMA202 PDX 18 36
TMA-HP-LI-013 Liver cancer PDX TMA013 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LI-023 Liver cancer PDX TMA023 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LU-015 Lung cancer PDX TMA015 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LU-016 Lung cancer PDX TMA016 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LU-017 Lung cancer PDX TMA017 PDX 31 93
TMA-HP-LU-022 Lung cancer PDX TMA022 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LU-208 Small cell lung cancer PDX TMA208 PDX 28 84
TMA-HP-LU-209 Small cell lung cancer PDX TMA209 PDX 28 84 
TMA-HP-LU-210 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer PDX TMA210 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-LU-219 Lung Cancer PDX TMA219 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-211 Melanoma PDX TMA211 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-212 Melanoma PDX TMA212 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-213 Melanoma PDX TMA213 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-214 Melanoma PDX TMA214 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-215 Melanoma PDX TMA215 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-216 Melanoma PDX TMA216 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-ME-217 Melanoma PDX TMA217 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-OV-205 Ovarian cancer PDX TMA205 PDX 16 32
TMA-HP-PA-011 Pancreatic cancer PDX TMA011 PDX 31 93
TMA-HP-PA-018 Pancreatic cancer PDX TMA018 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-SA-206 Sarcoma PDX TMA206 PDX 32 96
TMA-HP-SA-207 Sarcoma PDX TMA207 PDX 32 96

MuPrime Model TMAs

Catalog # Product Name Model Type Models Cores
TMA-MP-MX-001 Murine MuPrime TMA001 MuPrime 12 48

Cell Line Derived Xenograft TMAs

Catalog # Product Name Model Type Models Cores
TMA-CP-MX-001 Cell Line Derived Xenograft models – mixed cancer types TMA001 Cell Line Derived Xenograft 31 93
TMA-CP-MX-002 Cell Line Derived Xenograft models – mixed cancer types TMA002 Cell Line Derived Xenograft 27 81
TMA-CP-MX-003 Cell Line Derived Xenograft models – mixed cancer types TMA003 Cell Line Derived Xenograft 30 90

Syngeneic Model TMAs

Catalog # Product Name Model Type Models Cores
TMA-CP-SY-008 Murine syngeneic TMA008 Syngeneic 29 87

H&E staining of lung cancer TMA tumor

H&E staining of lung cancer TMA, catalog # TMA-HP-LU-016

IHC staining of lung cancer TMA tumor

IHC staining of lung cancer TMA, catalog # TMA-HP-LU-016 with Ki-67

Custom TMAs

CrownBio offers custom tissue slides and arrays from our vast collection of tumor disease models and cancer cell lines.

  • Single tissue or TMA slide
  • 2,500 validated PDX tumor models from a wide range of cancer types
  • Over 200 cell line models
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Ready in 3-4 weeks
  • Price based on configuration (minimum 5 slides)
  • Model information accessible via online CrownBio databases – HuBase™ (PDX), XenoBase® (Cell Line Derived Xenografts), and MuBase® (Syngeneic and MuPrime™ allografts) as well as our OncoExpress search engine

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