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NASH Summit 2019 Presentation - Dr Guodong Zhang

Utility of an Accelerated Translational Model of NASH: MS-NASH Mouse Induced with High Fat Diet and CCl4

NASH Summit 2019 – MS-NASH Model PresentationChoosing a NASH preclinical model usually means selecting between different elements of the disease. Conventional dietary and chemically induced models offer fast and severe fibrosis but lack dysmetabolic NASH aspects. In contrast, overnutrition models induce obesity and metabolic syndrome but only result in mild NASH.

To improve NASH drug development, new models are needed which combine both the severe pathological features and dysmetabolic elements of human NASH. The MS-NASH mouse (previously called FATZO) is a polygenic model, which is inherently dysmetabolic, obese, and diabetic on standard chow.

The addition of a Western Diet plus fructose induces NAFLD/NASH, which is accelerated with CCl4 administration. NASH pathology is also exacerbated, resulting in a timely preclinical NAFLD/NASH model combining severe fibrosis with dysmetabolism. Watch our NASH Summit 2019 presentation to learn more about model characterization, outcomes following OCA treatment, and utilities in preclinical NASH studies.

Watch this Presentation to Discover:

  • That addition of CCl4 to a high fat diet induces NASH in the dysmetabolic MS-NASH model in a short time frame

  • How CCl4 addition accelerates NASH progression and enhances NASH pathological features, resulting in severe fibrosis

  • The effects of OCA on accelerated NASH in dysmetabolic MS-NASH and control models, and translatability for assessing novel NASH agents preclinically

  • Comparative data of MS-NASH vs C57 on Western diet plus fructose and CCl4

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