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Minimizing Stress in Glucose Response Measurement with the BTT

Banana Glucose Tolerance Test: A Natural Alternative to Gavage Dosing

Thomas Scullion, Xiaoli Wang, Yong-Fu Xiao, Yi-Xin (Jim) Wang
Minimizing Stress in Glucose Response Measurement with the BTT
Spontaneously diabetic NHPs are a highly translatable preclinical model for the evaluation of novel therapeutics to treat metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.

Glucose homeostasis in NHPs is commonly evaluated using oral glucose tolerance test (oGTT). However, it is known that operational stress caused by oral gavage may induce glucose fluctuations potentially masking marginal effects of certain glucose-lowering compounds.

This poster details a natural alternative to gavage dosing - the banana tolerance test (BTT) - and compares the technique with the standard oGTT.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • The development of a banana tolerance test (BTT) which allows stress-free assessment of glucose response

  • That BTT causes a relief of glucose inhibition caused by oGTT-induced stress in naturally diabetic NHPs

  • How the BTT can facilitate the use of spontaneously diabetic NHPs as a model for antidiabetic drug research and development

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