ADA Poster 303-LB: New Accelerated and Exacerbated NASH Fibrosis Preclinical Model

Accelerated Hepatic Fibrosis in Western Diet-Fed Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Mice Model by Small Dosage of Carbon Tetrachloride

Guodong Zhang, Keefe Chng, Yixin Wang

ADA Poster 303-LB: New Accelerated and Exacerbated NASH Fibrosis Preclinical ModelCurrent preclinical models of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) have limitations, including slow disease progression, and typically mild fibrosis. To improve basic research and drug development, advanced models are needed which capture the steatosis, inflammation, and subsequent fibrotic stages of clinical NASH.

We have developed an accelerated fibrotic model of NASH, induced through CCl4 administration in the dystmetabolic MS-NASH + Western diet background.

This poster details model characterization including body weight, liver enzyme and lipid profiling, and histology scoring for the model vs C57BL/6 controls, and following obeticholic acid (OCA) treatment.

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  • How a small CCl4 dose accelerates and exacerbates liver fibrosis in the traditional diet-induced NASH phenotype of the MS-NASH mouse

  • That CCl4 intervention affects body weight, liver cholesterol, and hepatocyte ballooning, but not liver triglycerides or steatosis

  • How OCA treatment during CCl4 intervention has significant efficacy as shown by changes in liver enzyme levels, terminal liver lipids, and histology results

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