Poster A64: In Vivo Syngeneic Screening Platform for Immunotherapeutics

MuScreen™ Allows Profiling of Antitumor Efficacy and Biomarker Readouts of Drug Candidates Using Well-Characterized Syngeneic Models

Ying Jin, Lan Zhang, Binchen Mao, Guoqin Zhai, Zhongliang Li, Meng Qiao, Annie An, Juan Zhang, Sheng Guo, WenQing Yang, and Qian Shi

CrownBio 2017. Poster B80: Combination Screening of I/O and Targeted Agents In VitroSyngeneic tumor models are the current workhorse in immunotherapy evaluation. They have a long history in oncology drug development, and represent valuable tools in both targeted and immuno-oncology agent assessment.

In vitro cell-based screens have been frequently used in oncology to quickly identify responsive cells and assess PD effects. However, to our knowledge, there has been no in vivo screening platform available to facilitate cancer drug discovery.

With the increasing demand for relevant preclinical animal models for the promising immuno-oncology market, such an in vivo syngeneic screen would provide pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive data sets on both efficacy and biomarker readouts.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That a large scale, in vivo syngeneic screening platform has been established and validated, providing fast and comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy of I/O drug candidates.

  • That the screen is performed quarterly utilizing 12 well-characterized syngeneic models, with antitumor efficacy assessed as the final readout, allowing researchers to make decisions based on a large data set.

  • That costs and animal usage are minimized by the vehicle control and standard of care drug treatment groups being shared.

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