Symposium: Taking Immunotherapies to the Next Level

Paris, France, Thursday November 7, 2019 - MAS PARIS

MAS PARISThis year our annual Paris symposium focuses on the continued development of immunotherapies.

While immuno-oncology strategies have revolutionised cancer treatment, enhancements still need to be made in understanding and expanding patient response. To enable this, preclinical models such as humanised mice need to be improved, as well as optimising the best strategies to utilise workhorse models e.g. syngeneics.

The symposium will bring together oncology and I/O R&D and preclinical teams from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to facilitate cross discipline discussions on current techniques, and how to move forward with future approaches

Discussion Topics Include:

  • How to apply organoids to immunotherapy development
  • Optimising syngeneic models for improved translational relevance
  • New challenges in combination therapy development

Presentation & Speakers

Moderator & Speaker

Eliane Piaggio

Head of Translational Immunotherapy, Institut Curie
Immune landscape of rhabdoid tumours: non-genetic mechanisms of tumour immunogenicity

Jayesh Majithiya

Senior Scientist, Translational Sciences, Crescendo Biologics
CB307, a novel T cell agonist Humabody therapeutic for PSMA-positive tumours

Molly Taylor

Senior Scientist, Bioscience Group, AstraZeneca
Kinetic profiling of immune infiltrate in syngeneic models

Florence Renart-Depontieu

R&D Project Leader - Immunotherapy, Erytech
New challenges towards metabolism for combination therapies

Jean-Marc Barret

Head of Pharmacology, GamaMabs Pharma
Overcoming the challenges of preclinical development of murlentamab, a glyco-engineered humanised antibody targeting AMHRII

Davy Ouyang

Vice President of Global Cancer Pharmacology, Crown Bioscience
Rational selection of animal models for oncology drug discovery

Rob Vries

CEO, Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB)
Organoids are changing drug development paradigms

Mark Throsby

EVP and CSO, Merus
Unbiased functional screening unlocks the therapeutic potential of bispecific antibodies

Attendance for the symposium is free, however registration for the event is required.

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