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Addressing challenges in therapeutic cancer vaccine development, Dr Pedro Romero, Translational Tumor Immunology Group, Ludwig Center for Cancer Research (1.9 MB)

The Tumor Microenvironment: Host Responses to Immunotherapy that Impact Durability and Resistance, Dr Eric Murphy, Global Scientific Director, Crown Bioscience Inc. (7.5 MB)

Pro and con of xenograft model studies for preparing clinical protocols, Dr Marie Dutreix, Institut Curie and DNA Therapeutics (1.0 MB)

Moving toward multifunctionality for oncolytic virotherapy, Dr Eric Quemeneur, Transgene (3.3 MB)

Integration of molecular and immune classifications to guide cancer immunotherapies, Dr Hervé Fridman, Professor Emeritus, University Paris-Descartes President, Canceropole Ile de France (28 MB)

Tumour heterogeneity and Immunotherapy Strategies, Dr Rajendra Kumari, CSO, Crown Bioscience UK Ltd (4.3 MB)

Induction of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures, a new strategy of the immune system to fight against tumor, Dr Caroline Dieu-Nosjean, Centre de recherche des Cordeliers, Paris (14.1 MB)