In Vivo PK/PD

One integrated pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic model


Focused In Vivo PK, Pharmacokinetic Studies

  • Uptake of drugs by the body
  • Biotransformation of the drugs and their metabolites in the tissues
  • Elimination of drugs and their metabolites from the body over a period of time
  • Distribution of bioactive substances (especially high-molar-mass polymers that cannot cross endothelial or epithelial physiological barriers) within the various compartments present in an animal or human body

Leverage our Extensive Expertise and Facilities

CrownBio leverages our extensive expertise and models to provide expert PK services. Compounds can be administered to normal or disease models through various routes, and blood and/or sample collection both pre- and post-dose is optimized to meet individual client, project, and compound needs. Our laboratories are well equipped, allowing performance of LC/MS/MS bioanalysis (API 4000 + UPLC), with data analysis using WinNonlin®.

Rapidly Progress Your Analysis of Pharmacodynamic (PD) Biomarkers

Following a PK screen, discovery research typically progresses to the investigation of repeatable PD biomarkers in multiple species. We routinely conduct in vivo screening studies that generate both PK and PD endpoints.

Whatever your needs, we work with you to identify the most appropriate models and to provide the customized study designs you require. Our complete service for the in vivo evaluation of compound PK/PD properties includes:

  • Study design using various model species
  • Single, multiple, and cassette dose PK
  • In vivo crossover studies for bioavailability (F)
  • Various administration routes (i.v., p.o., i.p., s.c., i.m., etc.)
  • Carotid artery and jugular vein cannulation
  • Histology and pathology expertise and sample preparation
  • Serial blood collection over 24 hours
  • Allometric dose prediction and PK optimization
  • Effects of food, gender, and formulation type
  • PK tissue distribution and mass balance
  • Excretion assays
  • Non-GLP toxicology (single dose, single dose escalating, repeat dose)
  • TK/MTD (toxicokinetics/maximum tolerated dose)
  • AAALAC accredited facilities
  • Standard formulation and specific formulation development
  • Full bioanalytical support available

Contact us today for expert advice on our PK/PD services and discover how you can accelerate your compound to clinical development.