Bioanalysis Studies

Accurately quantitate your compound and its metabolites


Rapidly Quantitate for Pharmacokinetics, Toxicokinetics, and Bioequivalence

At CrownBio we have established a state-of- the-art bioanalytical center, to accelerate our client’s drug development process. We provide cutting edge technologies and equipment to fully sustain the demand of supporting programs for both small and large molecule drug discovery.

Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid LC/MS/MS method development and validation
  • Supporting ADME screening, and preclinical PK and PD efficacy studies
  • Small molecule to large biologic testing
  • Biological matrices like blood, plasma, bile, urine, feces, and tumor tissue collection
  • EHS compliant and GLP-like SOP, QA, and QC implemented.

Experts in ADME/DMPK

CrownBio has a dedicated and unique DMPK expertise team, modern equipped labs, and capabilities to provide standalone ADME/DMPK services, as well as fully-integrated drug discovery project services.

CrownBio provides a full bioanalysis platform from early physicochemical property screening, in vitro ADME profiling, through to late stage in vivo PK as well as PK/PD studies from rodents to NHPs for both small molecules and biologics.

Our service advantages include:

  • High quality and complete in vitro ADME and in vivo PK package
  • Experienced expertise team and strong problem-solving capacities
  • GLP-like SOP, QA, QC, and in-depth knowledge for data interpretation
  • New technologies and cutting-edge approaches to address DMPK issues
  • Small to large molecule PK in small animals to NHPs
  • Criteria and risk assessments for DDI and RM, dose, exposure, and safety margins
  • Cost-effective and fast turnaround using automated high-throughput technologies
  • EHS-compliant environment and drug metabolism testing according to FDA guidance

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