Human Primary Tumor Models

A unique reqource of disease relevant cell lines for high throughput screening.


PRIMEPANEL™ In Vitro Screening

Screen your compounds on primary cancer cells

PrimePanel™ is designed for in vitro screening against primary cells that are freshly isolated from primary patient derived tumor tissue from Crown Bio’s proprietary HuPrime® service. Compared with traditional cancer cell lines which can drift significantly from the original patient disease, primary cancer cells offer both the benefit of high relevance to patient disease and the convenience of a high throughput screening format. Each primary cell isolates comes from a genome-defined HuPrime® model, making it possible to discover predictive biomarkers for drug response based on in vitro screening data and comprehensive bioinformatic analysis. Furthermore, agents with in vitro efficacy are guaranteed to be testable in vivo using the original patient derived tumor model, providing a critical linkage between in vitro phenotype and clinical efficacy.

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