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"CrownBio brings clarity to drug discovery around the world by helping biopharmaceutical companies solve some of today's most pressing problems in oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease.

Leveraging our industry expertise, CrownBio's global resources help customers answer the most challenging questions about human biology. We begin with the end insight to help you achieve your goals"

Dr Jean-Pierre Wery
CEO, Crown Bioscience Inc.

High Fidelity CRISPR Cell Line Engineering 

Specialized CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Services to Advance Preclinical Research

CrownBio provides efficient, cost-effective gene editing services using CRISPR/Cas9 technology licensed through the Broad Institute. Our experts can generate knock in and knockout cell lines with vector controls that are tailored to meet your specific needs and help you advance your preclinical drug development programs.

Make go/no-go decisions with confidence using CrownBio’s CRISPR Engineered Cell Line Services.

Why Choose CrownBio’s CRISPR Cell Line Engineering?

Whether you are sending us a cell line to edit or selecting starting material from our portfolio of cell lines, our CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service provides the following distinct advantages:

  • SELECTION: choosing your starting cell line is easy using our OncoExpress search engine, accessing our extensive, proprietary XenoBase database of cell line characterization data.

  • ACCESS: gain access to our large collection of high quality, well-characterized cell lines to ensure the widest selection of reliable starting cell line material.

  • EXPERTISE: leverage CrownBio’s experience and expertise to ensure accuracy and efficiency in cell line engineering and downstream in vivo model validation and pharmacology.

  • QUALITY: trust our rigorous QC procedures for accurate and complete knockin and knockout edits. Vector controls are also provided to help confirm downstream results.

  • AFFORDABILITY: take advantage of our cost sharing options to realize significant cost savings.

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  • AACR 2015 1038 - Cell-based Screening Identifes Gene Expression Signature Correlated with Sensitivity to PI3KmTOR Dual Inhibitor BEZ235
  • AACR 2014 3440 - Cell-based Screening Identifies Gene Expression Signature Correlated with Sensitivity to MEK Inhibitor Trametinib

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