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Utilizing PDX to Evaluate CAR-T Therapies

Novel platform of model selection, validation, and efficacy testing


Evaluate Your CAR-T Therapies in Highly Predictive Translational Models

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models allow in vivo preclinical CAR-T evaluation in highly predictive models which preserve the heterogeneous pathological and genetic characteristics of the original patient tumors. This provides robust and highly translatable data to drive forward preclinical CAR-T therapy research.

Why PDX for CAR-T Therapy Evaluation?

CrownBio's HuPrime® PDX CAR-T therapy Translational Platform provides the full package of:

  • A large, diverse collection of 2,500 well-characterized models, to access a wide range of CAR-T targets
  • Quick and easy model selection using mRNA expression data from
    • our curated online PDX database HuBase™ which collates all our models with their genomic annotation and characterization data
    • our powerful new search engine (which searches models from all our Oncology databases) OncoExpress™
  • Model expression validation via IHC, confirming antigen expression
  • Efficacy testing in highly predictive models, which truly mimic human disease and response

We have completed case studies in solid tumors, targeting GPC3 in lung cancer, and MSLN in pancreatic cancer.

Contact us to discuss your CAR-T therapy project needs, and to find out more on our fully comprehensive PDX CAR-T therapy platform.