Cell Line Derived Xenografts Targeting CD19

Validated xenograft model for the key CAR-T cell therapy target


Need a Highly Sensitive, Validated Model for your CD19 CAR-T Therapy Efficacy Testing?

Look no further than our Raji human Burkitt lymphoma cell line derived xenograft model.

CD19 - The Key CAR-T Therapy Target

CD19 is the key antigen targeted by CAR-T cell therapy to date, for treatment of a range of hematological malignancies e.g. chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and B cell lymphoma.

Validated preclinical models are needed to drive forward preclinical research in this fast paced area of the field. Our Raji human Burkitt lymphoma cell line derived xenograft model is:

  • CD19 positive
  • Highly sensitive to CAR-T CD19 targeting
  • Shows validated model survival following CAR-CD19 T cell therapy 

Our model is available immediately for in vivo efficacy studies.

Contact us to discuss your CAR-T therapy project needs, and to find out more on our CD19 CAR-T therapy platform.