Human Surrogate Trials

Leverage our PDX assets to discover biomarkers, identify patient responder and non-responder profiles, accelerate drug development and improve chances of success in the clinic with your new candidate.


A Game Changer For Your Oncology Drug Discovery Programs

One of the main goals of translational research for oncology is to discover biomarkers which predict clinical efficacy. With the world’s largest collection of well-characterised PDX models (HuPrime®), we can conduct an exhaustive evaluation of compound efficacy in these systems, i.e. a Preclinical Phase II-like trial – HuTrial™. Combined with our HuBase™ platform, scientists are now able to discover and evaluate predictive biomarkers before a single patient has been dosed.

The most significant cost driver for drug development is the high failure rate in late stage clinical development. The need to reduce drug attrition is especially acute in the field of oncology, where drugs often fail not because of toxicity but rather lack of efficacy.

he successful development of drugs like trastuzumab, imatinib, and gefitinib has demonstrated the critical need to identify biomarkers in order to select patients which are most likely to benefit from the drug treatment.

HuTrial™ is possible because of the ability of Crown Bioscience to leverage the world’s largest commercial collection of genomically characterised Patient-Derived Xenograft models (HuPrime®), selecting appropriate models to act as human surrogate models in a Phase II-like trial by using HuBase™ , our curated database of HuPrime® models to select models that meets the client’s criteria of responder and non-responder. The majority of HuPrime® models are maintained in passage ready for client projects. In conjunction with Crown’s capacity to perform large-scale studies screening 10s of models in one study, we can perform your HuTrial™ in months, not years.

Why Crown?

Just having the models is not enough. You need:

  • A panel of PDX models large enough to be reflective of the patient population.
  • These models need to be in passage and ready to screen.
  • You need the capacity to deliver many of these models screened simultaneously.

Crown has the world’s largest commercial collection of well-characterised PDX, the majority in constant passage and the operational capacity to perform large numbers of HuTrials™ every year. We deliver now, which is why our clients continue to use our services.

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